Permanent tattoos

Permanent tattoos

Some details about my work:

     * Tattoos are made ​​with completely sterile and disposable materials (sleeve, tube, needle).
     * I work with gloves that I change every time I have to touch an unprotected object. The material (machine, spray, ...)  is also under disposable protection during tattooing.
     * All my inks are suitable for vegans (vegan friendly) and soap care I sell without obligation.
     * Minimum rate for tattoo is 40 €. Prices are set by preliminary estimate based on each pattern, depending on the size, location on the body, the colors, the  time it will need to be done. Large pieces (arms, full back, ...) are billed at each session, the time it needs being difficult to know in advance.
     * An amount of 20-40 € is required at each customer wanting a unique design. This fixed price represents the time spent on achieving maximum two drawings, not to mention that the customer will not change his project between the two drawings (obligation to stay in the same theme as explained at the beginning when ordering). The design is protected by intellectual property law since its creation and belongs to me,  I promise not to make the same on another client. In all cases, the design is protected by intellectual property rights and belongs to me. Any reproduction or performance by another tattoo artist will be liable to prosecution. Not to mention that the waiting time to obtain a unique design is often long, depending on my list of orders.
     * A deposit of 20 € is asked a client who wishes to book an appointment, amount withdrawn from the final price of the tattoo if the client comes to his appointment. (Article 1590 of the Civil Code.
     * I realize tattoos inside of the lower lip. They often require two sessions so that the ink holds well in the oral mucosa. The second session is extra charge if needed, as for the fingers and hands tattoos.
     * I realize tattoos with white ink. Be aware that the white ink, once healed, gives a "clear flesh" result, and not white tipp-ex eraser paste effect! (see below)
    • coudes blancs

      I agree to tattoo some scars, only if they are not cheloidous (not swollen), not dug, and they have are more than two years old. You will find in the "Gallery" a slideshow of my scars and old tattoos cover ups. I do not tattoo people suffering for skin problems unless the dermatologist and doctor do not see any problem with it (I would ask for a letter from them in this case).

    • I sometimes refuse some tattoos, for ethical or personal tastes reasons.

      The Laurink Logo and tattoo designs realized on demand (with a copyright on the picture) are protected by the INPI and / or Copyright France. No copy is allowed.

      I only use disposable materials only:

  • Tattoo caps, disposable and sterilized with EO Gaz. 
  • Disposable needles and tubes, sterilized with EO Gaz.
    tattoo needles

  • Disposable protections for tattoo table, sprays, lamp, machines, cable,..
    machinecover tattooclipcord

  • Vegan friendly inks (Intenze by Mario Barth brand)


Infos about prices here .

Tattoo care 

I will give you a precise document listing all the tattoo care instructions. You will need:

_ a neutral soap (no parabens, chemicals, artificial colorants, artificial perfume, EDTA). I sell it for 2 euros if you want, because this soap is rather expensive in general.

a healing cream (Bepanthen or Cicatryl or Cicalfate) 

a new plastic film tube

medical tape

Click here to see a part of my tattoo work. To see a bigger part of my work and see latest news, go to my  professional Facebook account.